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Replacement BluRay Disc Drive for PlayStation 3 Slim (CECH-25)

Replacement BluRay Disc Drive for PlayStation 3 Slim (CECH-25)

Price: $59.99

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SKU: GPP00031

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Playstation Branding
  • Damaged BluRay Drive for PS3 Slim
  • Compatibility
  • Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Consoles CECH-25xx
  • Laser Lens Deck KEM 450DAA or Laser Lens KES 450A
  • Condition
  • Brand New - All Parts are 100% new
  • Warranty
  • 90 Day - Same item exchange
  • If your PlayStation 3 (PS3) is no longer recognizing games or Blu-ray discs, the console's internal Blu-ray drive has likely malfunctioned or died. You can save yourself a significant amount of money by replacing the Blu-ray drive yourself.
    When completing this simple swap you will need to mount your original drive logic board to the bottom of this Blu-Ray drive. This board mates with your PS3 motherboard and functions as a "key" to enable functionality of your device.

    • Simply remove the 4 screws from the back of the case on your Blu-Ray drive.
    • Disconnect the 4 cable harnesses.
    • Connect the cables to your new drive and re-install.

    The complete repair can be done in under 10 minutes with no soldering, no flashing, and no technical skills required. As long as you know how to use a screw driver and plug things in you can do this repair yourself!

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