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2mm Premium Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for Small iPad/Tablets

2mm Premium Red Adhesive Tape for iPad Screen Repair
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This is a premium high tack, quick stick 2mm adhesive tape for installing tablet screens and LCDs. Extra strong. 2mm is the most popular width, narrow enough for everything and easy to double up if you need it wider. This is what the repair shops use.
Adhesive is a crucial part of keeping your tablet together, many people will overlook the fact that the adhesive holding their device together will need to be replaced if you can't reuse tape on device. It is used to secure glass screens, connections and also prevent dust from entering your smartphone or tablet.
<br/>Works with all table brands - iPad, Samsung, Microsoft and more. You get plenty of tape so you will have enough for any repair. This is the smallest roll size available.