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Finding Your Apple iWatch Model is Easy...

To learn which Apple Watch you have, use its model number

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Tap the My Watch tab, then tap General > About.
Find the Model field. You should see the part number that begins with "M."
Tap the Model field. You should see the field update to show a five-digit number that begins with "A." This is your model number.
Use this to identify right part or search for parts that work with this model.

iWatch Model: (click to view parts)

Generation Model #
iWatch Series 4 44mm » A1978 | A1976 | A2008
iWatch Series 4 40mm » A1977 | A1975 | A2007
iWatch 3 42mm » A1861 | A1891 | A1892
iWatch Series 3 38mm » A1860 | A1889 | A1890
iWatch Series 2 42mm » A1758
iWatch Series 2 38mm » A1757
iWatch Series 1 / 1st Gen 42mm » A1554 | A1803
iWatch Series 1 / 1st Gen 38mm » A1553 | A1802