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Home Button Troubleshooting

How to fix common home button issues on iPhone and iPad including stuck, unresponsive, lagging or just not working.

iPhone Home Button Not Working

Here are troubleshooting tips for iPhone Home Button not working after screen is replaced. There are a few problems it could be.

1. Reset The Phone

Doing a full restore on the phone’s software can sometimes help. Back up your phone, reboot your phone into DFU mode and perform a complete restore. In a lot of cases, this will fix your home button wonderfully without any hardware work.

2. Check The Cable

The home button and 3D touch share a single cable that leads to your phone’s internals. it could also be caused by the home button’s extension flex cable running through the back of the lcd, and/or a damaged camera/speaker flex cable on top. So make sure to check all those out carefully These cables are incredibly fragile. To check it, you’ll have to remove the metal plate that’s behind your screen. If there’s damage to this cable, you’ll have to replace your entire backlight.

3. Play With Pairings

Change things around with your phone and see what happens. Does the old home button still work with the old screen?

4. Turn On Assistive Touch

While it’s not necessarily an ideal solution, you can turn on a software home button rather than rely on the physical one that failed. When you turn on Assistive Touch, your phone’s operating system will put a virtual home button at the bottom of your screen. It’ll give off a little buzz when you touch it to simulate the feeling of your physical button.

To turn on this feature, use one of these methods:

1. Tell Siri: “Turn on Assistive Touch”
2. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch. Turn it on.

This will work for any situation where you find your iPhonehome button not working.

5. Loosen the screw behind the center of the home button (holding it to the metal bracket). This has worked for some. The screw can be too snug. Others have removed that single screw completely.

iPad Home Button Not Working

If replacing the home button during a repair, and it doesn't work, make sure the home button is on straight. If the home button is crooked won't make contact with both pins. To correct, you may need to take off home button and straighten it.

If home button not working after repair or during use, try this to get it to work before you open device. Helps if home button is stuck, jammed, lagging or unresponsive or broken - How to fix a home button issue on an iPad >