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Battery Replacement Quick Start Guide

  • Have a PC or another phone to watch video while doing repair

  • Watch a few repair videos before starting the repair. Repair Videos »

  • Back up your device via iCloud or iTunes before proceeding

  • Confirm the phone is powered off before starting repair

  • Before you begin, discharge your iPhone battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured. We also recommend to disconnect your battery as some models will keep power even when device is powered off.

  • Keep track of screws.
    Many screws will be removed and then re-installed. Screws are of different size and length. Mark each screw in order that you remove and related assembly with a number so that you can recognize them easily. If you put a screw into the wrong spot, your phone could be damaged.

  • Keep all pieces organized and numbered and work on a well lit WHITE paper base (like a sheet of paper or paper towel) so that you can see any little pieces that might go missing.

  • WARNING - Don’t force the connectors together until they are properly lined up. If a part doesn't fit quite right, don't force it. Take a step back and see if something's out of place such as a loose screw that's been magnetized to an ear speaker.

  • Additional household items that will help to have on hand:
    • Hair dryer or heat gun - to loosen adhesive that hold screen in case
    • Playing card or credit card/ Razor blade / Exacto knife - to help lift out screen and cut through adhesive
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Tweezers

Calibrate New Battery

Calibrate your new battery so your device iOS system will calculate the actual life correctly of your battery . This is important so your device doesn't just turn off and the iOS says incorrectly there is battery life or vice versa.

Charge it to 100% and keep charging it for a few hours.
Use your device until it shuts off due to low battery.
Charge it uninterrupted to 100%.

iPhone Battery Adhesive Strips

These battery adhesive strips can be a little tricky. Here are a few videos that will help on how to do work with the strips.

How to install new battery adhesive strips when replacing iPhone battery. Watch this video:

Plus here is a video on how to remove the old iPhone battery adhesive strips if it is stuck or broke. Using a little heat and scraping if necessary.


Opening Device

The screen is held in place by strong glue. Apply heat to the edges, using either a hair dryer or a heat gun. The heat must be directed at the edges of the glass until it starts to loosen. Once the adhesive loosens, slide the plastic prying tool (or playing card/razor blade/ exacto knife) between the top of the glass and the frame of the phone. Insert the picks as you go to keep the screen separated. This may take a few attempts so be patient.

Treat Flex Cables Gently - Very Fragile

  • Use tools instead of your finger during the installation. Otherwise, it will damage the screen!

  • Check for any dust or debris in between the flex cables and motherboard. Clear it with a brush or an alcohol dipped cloth.

  • Make sure the flex cables are properly connected with a “clicking” sound.

  • Don't bend the flex cables.

Using Repair Tools

  • Review tools in Repair Tool Kit - here.
  • The tool kit includes different screwdriver heads and it is important to use the right one as to not strip the screw heads. NEVER over-torque a screw, it can easily damage something else or get stripped and stuck.

  • Static Free, Clean Environment

    • Make sure you have a nice clean space to work in with minimal distractions. A room that's not carpeted would be ideal. Make sure to be careful and minimize static electricity which can damage your device.
    • Use proper grounding techniques such as wearing an anti-static wrist strap (available in our store) or touch a steel table leg to discharge any static before starting work on anything.
    • If possible, use latex gloves or work on rubber mat, one designed for anti-static or just a household table place mat.


    If you have trouble, check out our Troubleshooting Tips for Battery Replacement »

    Covers common issues and how to resolve

    Good luck with your repair! You can do this!