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Adhesive - How To

Here are answers to all your questions about adhesive for phone and mobile repairs.

Do I need adhesive for a phone or tablet repair?
Anytime you open a device you may need adhesive to close it up properly. When opening the device, you will break the existing seal. It is used for screen replacement or changing a battery, home button or camera.

Sometimes adhesive comes pre-installed such as on an iPad digitizer which is the easiest for a repair. You just have to remove the film and stick to device. If not pre-installed, you have 2 options - pre-cut to your device or adhesive strips that you can cut to size needed.

Do I need adhesive when replacing the screen on an iPhone?
Adhesive is not required, if you are replace the full LCD display screen as this includes the frame as well. However, in iPhone 7 and newer, a pre-cut frame adhesive is valuable to create a tighter "closer to waterproof" seal. If you are replacing the top front glass panel only, then adhesive is needed.

Do I need adhesive when replacing the glass on an iPad?
Adhesive tape is necessary if replacing the front glass or glass touch digitizer on an iPad or tablet to secure the glass to the rest of the screen.

Do I need adhesive when replacing the full screen assembly?
It depends. The full screen includes the LCD display and the glass touch digitizer which is fused together. The existing adhesive on the phone will be sufficient, but it may be handy if you have to scrape all the original adhesive off when opening the device. You may also want it to create a more tight "closer to waterproof" seal.

Do I need adhesive when replacing the front glass only?
Adhesive tape is necessary if replacing the front glass or glass touch digitizer to secure the glass to the rest of the screen.

What kind of adhesive tape do I need for a phone repair?
There are several types available. Double-sided adhesive tape that is 2mm width is easiest to use and specially designed to fit the mobile device / phone edges. It is very thin and fits around the edge of the screen. 3M offers it and Tesa brand and red tape lead in holding strength and are preferred for larger tablets like the iPad.

Do I need adhesive when replacing a battery in my iPhone?
It is not required, but will make it easier. There are 2 types of adhesive for battery - the battery adhesive strips to hold the battery in place and remove easily. Second is the frame adhesive to reseal your device after opening.

2mm Adhesive Strips

3M Adhesive for screen replacement If you are using the 2mm adhesive, just pull off a each strip with tweezers and cut if need and apply until all edges covered. Also apply strips to the middle of solid parts of screen at top and bottom. This tape will hold the new glass screen in place.

Note: Make sure to clean the screen area where the adhesive will go BEFORE applying.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how to use double-sided adhesive strips on phone screen:

Pre-Cut Frame Adhesive for iPhone and more

Pre-cut frame adhesive is another option for some of the most popular phones. it is cut to the shape of the phone. It also adhers the screen to the frame when you close it up. Makes it more tight and waterproof. Here is a link to a YouTube video for how to use the full size frame adhesive on iPhone 6s or higher:

UV Glue

Note: UV glue can be used for sealing, but can result in damage to device if too much is used and it seeps into other parts of the phone. Although it is a stronger, longer lasting bond, the adhesive strips are a much safer solution. Use of UV glue requires a curing lamp. We don't recommend glue for first time DIYers. UV glue and a curing lamp can be purchased separately if desired.

Adhesive for phone repair

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    iPad / Tablet Glass Touch Digitizers

    Replacement glass touch digitizers such as for iPad may have adhesive pre-installed to make it easier or it is a separate item. Our complete repair kits will include the adhesive or it can be purchased separately.

    Adhesive for phone repair

    iPhone Battery Adhesive Strips

    These battery adhesive strips can be a little tricky. Here are a few videos that will help on how to do work with the strips.

    How to install new battery adhesive strips when replacing iPhone battery. Watch this video:

    Plus here is a video on how to remove the old iPhone battery adhesive strips if it is stuck or broke. Using a little heat and scraping if necessary.