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Adhesive Tape for Phone and Mobile Repair

RepairPartsPlus has done extensive research to identify the best adhesive to secure your glass or lcd to your phone. 2mm double-sided adhesive is easiest to use and specially designed to fit the phone edges. Adhesive is necessary if replacing the front glass or digitizer only. It is optional for LCD screen assemblies. Adhesive is not required, if the frame is being replaced such as with an iPhone LCD screen.

Apply the adhesive strips all along the edge of the screen and then in the middle of any solid back areas at the top and bottom. Just peel the adhesive strips and cut as needed.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how to use double-sided adhesive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55_l6lYMHIc

Note: Replacement screens can be secured using adhesive tape strips or UV glue. While the UV glue provides a stronger, longer lasting bond, the adhesive strips are a much safer solution. Use of UV glue requires a curing lamp and can result in damage to a device if too much is used and it seeps into other parts of the phone. We don't recommend glue for first time DIYers. UV glue and a curing lamp can be purchased separately if desired.

Replacement tablet glass touch digitizers such as for iPad may have adhesive pre-installed to make it easier or it is a separate item. Our complete repair kits will include the adhesive or it can be purchased separately.