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XBox 360 DVD/Disc Drive Replacement - Lite-On (Slim)

XBox 360 DVD/Disc Drive Replacement - Lite-On (Slim)
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Xbox Branding

  • Xbox 360 S models
  • Not compatible with original Xbox 360
  • Condition
  • Brand New - All Parts are 100% new
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  • 90 Day - Same item exchange
  • The replacement DVD Drive is ready to get your Xbox back up and running your favorite games. This Xbox 360 disc drive replacement is built with quality and simplicity of design, and if you're in need of a replacement dvd player for the xbox 360 it is the perfect solution. If your Xbox 360 drive is currently not reading discs and otherwise not functioning properly, don't just buy a new Xbox. Repair your Xbox console by taking out your optical drive and putting in a new one. If you are experiencing the following problems with your XBOX 360 slim console:

    • Disc read errors
    • Slow loading times
    • Failure to read disc
    • Screen freezes when playing a game or watching a DVD movie
    • Then, this should fix your problem
    • Please note: This drive requires that the firmware be "flashed" before the drive will play games.

    The Easy Way

    The simple way to do this replacement is to select the same type of drive that you have. Refer to the image below to determine your drive by looking at your disc tray. By selecting the same type you will only need to swap out the PCB board from your old drive to your new drive. This will allow you to play your regular games and DVDs again. The board must be swapped for the drive to work in your Xbox. Failure to swap the board will result in DVD function only and no game support. Instructions on how to repair your Xbox are very easily found online or on YouTube. Get this Xbox 360 disk drive replacement today to make your Xbox work like new again.

    The Hard Way

    If you can't find the model number you're looking for or you want to play backup or burned games, you'll need to flash the drive. There are additional parts and software required to do this process. Instructions on how to repair your Xbox through flashing the drive are available online or on Youtube so doing the switch can be made easier. The Xbox 360 replacement disk drive must be flashed with the DVD key from original Xbox 360 DVD drive before it will recognize backup and burned games correctly.

    Xbox 360 DVD Drive Type

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