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Protecting your Phone!

The sun is shining, the thermometer is creeping up the dial, it's official, the summer holidays are here. Along with all the fun and celebration inevitably comes a personal phone tragedy. You know the drill, cracking, water damage, breaking, losing or even having your phone stolen!


One of the primary causes of overheating is direct sun exposure. If you're going to have your phone out in the sun, at the pool or the beach, here are a few tips for you.

  • Turn your phone off. If your phone has already overheated it's a good idea to put it in a cool place and let it naturally cool down. Do not cool it down in a fridge or in front of an AC as condensation can form and cause internal damage.
  • Replace or remove your case. A great alternative to a traditional case is a new thermal case using NASA technology from saltcases.com to prevent your phone from overheating. The other option is simply removing your case which will alleviate much of the heat your phone is generating.
  • Turn off the unused features that draw power including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi. The simplest method is just to turn on airplane mode.

If your phone has been exposed to extreme temperatures hot or cold it can have serious negative effects on your battery. The simple fix for optimal battery performance is easier than ever with a complete phone battery replacement kit.

Water Damage

Water Damage happens, whether you got dragged into the pool by a bunch of friends, or had your phone in your pocket while pushing a boat into the bay (that was me), water damage is the blue screen of death in the smart phone world. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Well, the obvious is to just avoid having your phone around pools, beaches, lakes and other water activities... but that's no fun.
  • If you want to keep the phone with you, the best solution is a waterproof case. Several options are available but the simplest is just a waterproof phone pouch. This inexpensive simple solution protects your phone while allowing you the freedom to do what you want without missing an emergency phone call.
  • If you want to take it a step further and you want to take your phone underwater for say, photography, a great company has you covered. The folks over at Optrix.com have created a customized waterproof case to take underwater shots seamlessly without worrying about your phone.

If your phone has already been exposed to damage, there are some important steps you can quickly take to give your phone the best opportunity to survive. We'll cover those steps in a soon to be released article on "What to do when your phone gets wet!"


Theft, or just losing your phone can be a gripping event for some people. These few simple tips can help you to prevent losing, or recover your phone as fast as possible.

  • Use a custom lock screen image with a message on it: "If found please call: ..." Leave the name and number of a good friend or family member.
  • Back up your data: Keeping all your valuable pictures, videos and data in the cloud and synced with your phone has never been easier or cheaper (usually free!).
  • Find it fast: Apple, Android and Microsoft all have native ways to locate your phone, but the folks over at preyproject.com have an app with features including sending messages to your stolen phone's lock screen and emailing you a picture of anyone who tries to unlock it.
  • If you do get your phone back and find that both your excitement and and your screen have been shattered, fear not. Replacing your own phone screen has never been easier with a complete screen replacement kit for the DIY'er.

One last tip! Avoid the most common scratching and screen cracks with a quality tempered glass cover!

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