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iPad Mini 1 & 2 Screen Replacement Glass Touch Digitizer + Home Button/IC Connector (Adhesive Pre-Installed) - Black

iPad Mini 1 and 2 Screen Replacement Touch Display with Home Button/IC Connector - Blk

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A1432 | A1454 | A1455 | A1489 | A1490 | A1491 | MF066LL/A | ME276LL/A | MD540LL/A | MD534LL/A | MD528LL/A Find my model#

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Glass Screen Protector [$12.98]

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Lightning Cable + Wall Plug [$12.98]

Handy Opener *Pros choice* [$7.95] 

Protective Gel Case [$12.99]

Anti-Static Strap [$6.95]
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Compatible with iPad Mini 1 and Mini 2
- A1432 | A1454 | A1455 | A1489 | A1490 | A1491
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  • Replace your broken screen yourself and save
  • High strength optically clear glass lens and touch digitizer
  • Fixes cracked, scratched or unresponsive touch screens
  • Lowest cost option for screen repair
  • 1-2 hours to install
  • Free Warranty - 100% guaranteed parts
  • Trusted Seller - U.S. owned, 10 years in business
  • Don't be scammed by low quality products and unreliable sellers
  • Buy today and get your device back!

Note: If you have dead pixels, discolored spots, or doesn't light up then a complete LCD assembly is required. Full LCD replacement is the easiest screen repair.

Select the tool kit option - Get everything you need
  • Highest Quality Glass Screen Digitizer
  • Pre-installed Home Button Flex Assembly, Complete IC Connector, Camera Holder (no soldering required)
  • Tailored Tool Kit - proprietary screwdrivers, picks, wedge
  • Pre-installed Double-Sided Adhesive on back of touch screen
  • Link to step-by-step instructions and repair videos

Installation Instructions

The specific repair for your device may vary. A typical glass repair can be completed with the following steps. We suggest viewing a repair video on YouTube prior to installation.

  • Apply a strip of clear packing tape across the cracked screen
  • Use the heat source to slowly heat up the surface of your screen to loosen the adhesive
  • Apply the suction cup to the glass
  • With the wedge tool start to separate the glass from the device
  • Insert the picks as you go to keep the screen separated
  • Work your way around the device, separating the bottom of the device last
  • Once the glass is separated, carefully disconnect digitizer flex cable
  • Once the glass is removed wipe off LCD
  • Apply adhesive to replacement screen
  • Reconnect digitizer flex cable
  • Adhere screen to phone


This repair requires precision and patience. RepairPartsPlus is not responsible for any damage to devices during installation.

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