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Our Favorite apps for Dad!

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If your a brand new father, or even if your kids are already out of the house, these handy apps will make your daily daddy duties, easier!

Here are a few of our favorite apps for dads, and moms too!

  1. 1. Pregnant Dad - FREE to $1.99

    This little app won a Readers’ Choice Award for Best Product for an expectant Father. Track and predict your baby’s birthday, chart development, and get tips how to make baby’s mommy more comfortable.

  2. 2. Kids Place Parental Control - FREE

    This is the ultimate child lock for your device. Restrict access from apps, files or dialing. Prevent new apps from being downloaded, it even has an “auto app restart” option.

  3. 3. Disney Wait Times - FREE

    A must when you take your little ones to the happiest place on earth. Get an interactive map that shows wait times for rides and the schedule for special events and appearances!

  4. 4. Find My Car - FREE

    Forgetting where you parked is a thing of the past, plot your cars location, enter in any floor info and have FMC guide you back to it when you’re ready to leave, simple!

  5. 5. Yelp - FREE

    Sure we've all had to find a chinese place that's open at 2am on a saturday and delivers, but did you know you can search for; community parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, fun stuff to do on a date and more!

  6. 6. Weber Grills - FREE

    Weather mom or dad is the grill master, this app will make grilling steaks, burgers, veggies and chicken a snap! No guessing on times, and tons of recipes to download!

  7. 7. MyFitnessPal - FREE to $Add-ons

    Dad bod or not, a healthy dad means a healthy diet. MFP makes it simple to log everything you eat and keep track of your calories, fats, carbs, proteins, and more.

  8. 8. Fit Radio - FREE to $79.99

    Filled with continuous mixed DJ sets of your favorite music; Pop, Country, Techno, Hip Hop, Rock and more. Choose by Genre or workout. Put the party station on for non-stop music at home!

  9. 9. Spoiler Shield - FREE

    Recorded the game but facebook spoiled it? Don’t let this happen again! filter out team scores out to enjoy the game on your own time without any suprise spoilers!

  10. 10. 8,500 + Drink Recipes - FREE

    Skip the $200 Bartending school certificate and wow your friends with your ability to make just about any drink they can throw at you with the world’s largest (maybe?) cocktail cheat sheet!